Республика журналистларын коронавирус йогышыннан соң тернәкләндерү программалары белән таныштырдылар

26 February 2021, Friday

The journalists of the republican and federal media were introduced to the sanatoriums in which rehabilitation programs after coronavirus infection have been launched. The press tour took place on February 25-26.

The press tour of the sanatoriums of Tatarstan was conducted by the Association of sanatoriums of the Republic of Tatarstan with the support of the State Committee for Tourism.

The first was shown the sanatorium “Raduga”, where the journalists studied the sanatorium, examined the number of rooms, saw the medical base and asked dozens of questions about the conditions, prices and content of recreation and rehabilitation programs in the sanatorium.

Then the journalists visited “Zhemchuzhina” and “Kosmos” sanatoriums.

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