Kysh Batyr winter games will be held in the Great Bolgar

24 January 2019, Thursday

On the 16 of February Kysh Batyr festival will be held in the Great Bolgar, in the Tatar language it means "The hero of winter".

The main point at the event will be open competitions in sports and historical or modern biathlon, applications for which can be submitted by anyone. In addition, the spectators will see knight’s battles held by the war-historical clubs of Tatarstan and ski multiathlon with stops for archery, javelin, axe and stone throwing.

Traditionally, the festival will be held in the medieval entourage, among the knights in armor and craftsmen on the background of the museum and historical complex of the ancient city.

The entrance is free for spectators, the participants need to register in the group in "Vkontakte". There will be a parking place, a food zone and strip malls of folk art crafts on the territory of the festival.

Event program

The central platform (the ski track)

11: 00 – start of the competition. Modern skis nomination.

13: 00 – start of the competition. Historic multiathlon nomination.

14: 30 – Awarding ceremony.

Medieval camp platform

11:00 — 15:00:

- blacksmith and leather workshop;

- armory and wardrobe;

- crossbow and throwing shooting range;

- children's fortress and children's jousting;

- interactive platforms;

- power contests;

- heroic tilt-yard;

Farce platform

11:00 — 15:00:

- performance of musical and theatrical groups, demonstrations of clubs of historical reconstruction and artistic fencing.

Fair platform

11:00 — 15:00:

Strip malls of folk art crafts and historical fair.

Historical cuisine platform

11:00 — 15:00

Historical kitchen platform

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