During the 20 days of the Championship, 21,125 turnovers were eaten at the accredited Kazan coffee shops and restaurants

5 July 2018, Thursday

The first results of the World Football Championship FIFA 2018 were summed up by 65 facilities accredited by the Visit Tatarstan brand. Among them, there are coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

The poll showed that during the 20 days of the Championship, 87,927 liters of beer were drunk and 21,125 turnovers were eaten in accredited Kazan coffee shops and restaurants.

The average receipt of Russian fans is 1,500 rubles per person

The average receipt of a foreign fan is approximately 2,000 rubles per person.

The most friendly were the fans from Colombia. In the restaurant "Crossroads of Jazz," fans from Colombia invited the chef cook after dinner and performed a song as a token of gratitude.

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