On Boris Pasternak's birthday, the Chistopol Preserve Museum starts a contest game called "The Goal of Creativity is Self-Sacrifice"

6 February 2018, Tuesday

On Boris Pasternak's birthday, on February 10th, the Chistopol State Historical, Architectural and Literature Preserve Museum starts again the Republican annual museum contest game "The Goal of Creativity is Self-Sacrifice."

For the ninth consecutive year, Boris Pasternak's fans come from the whole country to his Memorial Museum to pay the tribute to the memory of the great writer and take part in the competition for the best presentation of his works.

435 participants and their mentors from 35 schools from Almetyevsk, Aksubayev, Alekseevsk, Kazan, Laishev, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk, and Chistopol will strive for victory this year.

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