April 2019,
The state Committee of the Republic of Tatarstan on tourism is the Executive body of the state power of the Republic of Tatarstan of inter-sectoral competence, carrying out functions on public administration in the sphere of tourism and on inter-sectoral interaction, coordination of actions with the ministries and departments of the Republic of Tatarstan for the development of the tourism industry and hospitality. The number of tourists in the Republic of Tatarstan shows the annual growth in average 9%. At the end of 2018 the Republic of Tatarstan was visited by more than 3.4 million tourists from Russia and other countries, while it was 2.2 million people in 2013. Special attention is paid to the development of tourist centers of the Republic of Tatarstan – Kazan, the Great Bolgar, the island-town of Sviiazhsk, Elabuga, Chistopol, Tetiush. Tourist flow in 2018 to the main tourist centers of the Republic in comparison with 2013 increased by 2.4 times. Kazan Kremlin. In 2013 1 215 059 people visited it, in 2018 it was visited by 2.5 times more tourists - 2 928 900. Over the past five years the Great Bolgar and the island-town of Sviiazhsk have become real centers of the world tourism. Great Bolgar in 2013 welcomed 92 872 thousand people, and in 2018 Bolgar was visited by 501 122 people, an increase constitutes almost 2.5 times. The island-town of Sviiazhsk in 2013 was visited by 108 412 tourists, in 2018 by 510 855 tourists. Increase is almost by 3 times.
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